Advertising Evaluation & Optimization

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Our Voice Check® process evaluates and optimizes creative executions without stifling creativity. Unlike other evaluation processes, Voice Check pushes respondents beyond likability. It focuses on the execution’s message, clarity, personality, relevance and motivation – providing a clear understanding of the strategic communication of each execution.

Voice Check presentingWhat Voice Check Means to You:

  • Improve creative executions without compromising them.
  • Provides clarity and confidence when giving creative direction resulting in fewer false starts.
  • Creative executions will be strategically sound.
  • Your ad agency won’t cringe when they find out they have to test their storyboards in qual.
  • Voice Check allows for simple, clear improvement of campaign communication. We provide detailed understanding of each execution’s (or campaign’s) clarity, motivation, personality and relatability. And, beca
    use Voice Check gets to the strategic communication of each campaign, we acquire a true comparison of ideas. It is therefore ideal for confirming global marketing opportunities – we have successfully used this methodology on six continents (still waiting on that Antarctica job).

Voice check KB at easelVoice Check goes way beyond likes and dislikes.

In fact, we never, ask respondents if they “like” an approach. Unlike other advertising testing protocols, Voice Check is not a beauty contest. Voice Check accurately determines how a complete campaign or a single execution delivers on a number of strategic levels, such as: Main Message, Emotional Connection, Perceived Benefits, Brand Personality, Relevance and Motivation.