Digital Research

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You love being able to understand the why behind the what, but let’s face it, there are limits in terms of size, scope and logistics associated with qualitative research.

fashion-person-woman-handMost importantly…sometimes you just need that real-time, in-the-moment reaction to truly understand the brand, category or your target.

At Brädo, we overcome those limits by using digital methods to expand and enhance the value and reach of qualitative research. We have made it our mission to identify, understand and/or create the most innovative and useful digital research tools and processes available. We then apply our expertise as Digital Strategists to use these digital tools and processes in ways that expand, enhance and/or overcome issues with traditional qualitative market research. We aren’t just experts in technology…we are experts in using technology to uncover Creative Insight.

We have several approaches for conducting digital research:

  • RTI (Real-Time Insight) Mobile Research
  • Online Communities
  • Online Surveys
  • Online Interviews/Focus Groups

Founding-Members-Logo_v2Brädo is also part of the Digital Insight Network, an international association of independent market research agencies focused on best practices in digital and agile insight solutions. The mission of the network is to connect like-minded, progressive research agencies from across the globe to share best practices and innovations, as well as assist each other in global research projects if and where they are needed.

Real Time Insight Mobile Research

RTI tmRTI - Brädo PhotoRTI, Brädo’s Real-Time Insight mobile research, allows us to digitally converse with your target audience, in real time, via their mobile device. You no longer have to rely on your target’s memory of their experiences or purchase behavior, or deal with an “anything but natural” ethnography or traditional shop-along. Mobile research allows us to enter your target’s world without disrupting it, to gather the most real, uninhibited responses possible.

Online Communities

Our online communities are not glorified surveys pushed to a broad panel of respondents. Brädo’s communities are moderated, in-depth engagements with a recruited target audience. The community platforms we utilize for qualitative research are extremely flexible, customizable and iterative…a rich forum for achieving insight.

  • Big or small: Communities can range in size from ten to hundreds of members. Participants can be segmented within the community to allow for target-specific objectives and analysis.
  • Short or long: Communities can last for any amount of time; from days tomonths, to even years, depending on the research objective.
  • Here or there: Communities can be executed in almost any global market and across multiple markets in one seamless research experience.

Laptop Image-InterVu 2Online Surveys

Brädo offers quantitative research services to complement our qualitative efforts. We often suggest quantitative phases of research to further explore and/or validate research findings on a larger scale. If your project objectives require quantitative numbers, Brädo can offer you a single-source, insight-fueled approach to getting answers.

Online Interviews/Focus Groups

Online interviews/focus groups are ideal in many situations:

  • A difficult to find or reach target audience.
  • A geographically diverse sample is required.
  • Respondents who are unable to get to a central location.

In addition, conducting groups or interviews online can typically offer a cost savings (anywhere from 10-45% depending on the approach used). and provide faster turnarounds when speed is of the essence.

Our online interview platform offers a simple, seamless experience.

  • The moderator and respondents can see each other.
  • Clients can observe and chat with each other and the moderator.
  • Any form of multi-media stimuli can be shared and evaluated.