The Strategy-Is-My-Middle-Name Person

Is This You?

You are creative, passionate and fun.

You know how to simplify complex concepts, as well as articulate them, both verbally and in writing.

You love to engage people—helping them help you solve problems.

You are willing to travel—both throughout the US and internationally.

Your left brain and right brain are quite comfortable in each others' company, and this makes you not only methodical, but relatable and empathic.

Kim Bowers-at easel Zach Foster-Values LinkBrädo Creative Strategists are not classically trained researchers. They are creatively trained problem-solvers. Their left brain and right brain are quite comfortable in each other’s company—making them both investigative and highly empathic. They moderate focus groups, interview science leaders and lead innovation explorations. They are as comfortable talking to a Diane-Schafer-Kendraneurosurgeon as they are a beer drinker. They solve complex marketing problems. Find white space in crowded markets.

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