Keeping the
Ship Sailing
No Matter What
the Weather

Is This You?

You’re a logical problem-solver and excellent time manager.

You understand the big picture, and love working all the puzzle pieces that shape it.

You love it when your team relies on you every day because there is no chance you’ll let them down.

You are skilled at managing all details of a project, including schedules, travel, budget, and outside suppliers.

You are just as comfortable working with professionals in Seattle as Singapore.

Kendra on macLaura McG-reception

Literally, Brädo’s everyday success relies on the superior skills of Project Managers handling the ebb and flow of all our business and travel details. Brädo Project Managers must be able to discern the recruitment idiosyncrasies between New York, Dallas and Shanghai; all the while making our clients feel like no one is more on top of their project.

Our goal is to be the best marketing research agency in the world. Yes, the best. You may come from an ad agency, marketing, planning, or project management background. The key is that you understand the big picture. You love details. And 4 PM happy-hours on Fridays.

Sounds appealing? We’d like to get some details on you.