The Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab is a mobile prototyping suite designed to facilitate and encourage rapid, insight-based innovation.

Innovation Lab July 2016Brand teams, agency partners and consumers come together in the lab to create and optimize new products in focused and inspiring Innovation sessions.

IMG_9294These sessions are guided by the Brädo Innovation team and assisted by a team of “makers” – experts in design based thinking and new product development. The lab is equipped with state-of-the-art 3D printers, laser cutters, modeling software and prototyping tools, making it easy to bring ideas to life on the spot; creating real, hold-in-your-hand prototypes, not two- dimensional illustrations, in a matter of minutes.


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Brädo WorkshopsFollow the Insight

The Brädo Innovation Lab ensures that INSIGHT, not just ideas, guide’s your company’s innovation. By infusing the consumer (or B2B customer) into the process from start to finish, the insight remains the driver and the bar that ideas are measured against.

Fail Faster

The Brädo Innovation Lab allows you to create and share tangible prototypes with your customers so that they can quickly alert you to the potential barriers and benefits of ideas, getting you to failure IMG_9288and success faster.

Seize the Moment

The Brädo Innovation Lab brings focus, speed and efficiency into a typically time and money-consuming process, allowing your company to bring new products to market and capitalize on white space in a timely manner.