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Meme Monday: Why Is Everyone Baking?

By Catrina Salama, M.A. / April 6, 2020

On Mondays, the Brado Behavioral Analysis Unit (B.A.U.) analyzes and explains the human behavior behind the memes (and more!) that they have been finding during this pandemic. Today, we’re exploring why everybody seems to be baking…

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What are we afraid of?

By Catrina Salama, M.A. / March 20, 2020

In some cases, fear can paralyze, but it’s more likely to galvanize us into action. Which, as all of us are beginning to discover, begs yet another question: Is it the right action?

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Behind the Mind: Affect Heuristic

By Catrina Salama, M.A. / January 22, 2020

Our emotions influence our actions.

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