Zoom Fatigue…And How to Navigate it in Research

We researchers certainly feel the fatigue from increased virtual interactions during COVID. We’re pretty sure our participants do, too.

Their engagement is essential, which is why Brado’s Digital Center of Excellence (DCoE) and Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) have teamed up to analyze and help alleviate “zoom fatigue” in research methodologies.

We put our findings in an infographic, below:

Laura Hannibal

Laura has contributed to Brado’s growth as both a Project Manager and as a Creative Strategist. An MBA graduate in Marketing, she has worked with Brado’s global clients to explore and refine their marketing challenges. Within Brado’s Digital Center of Excellence (DCoE), Laura also provides integral leadership for education, support and training to ensure clients have access to new digital solutions for their evolving challenges. Laura loves Luna (her adorable pup) and hiking. She is passionate about animals and volunteers for the APA of Missouri through fostering programs and shelter care.

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