Brand Positioning & Messaging

As the guidepost for all communications efforts, it is critical that your brand positioning is grounded in a powerful insight and proudly supported by all.

But it’s not easy. Often there are multiple stakeholders with differing ideas of what the brand should stand for, resulting in “kitchen sink” positioning statements that say everything, but stand for nothing.

Over the years, we have helped many global brands develop and/or refresh their brand positioning and message platforms to ensure relevance for their consumers, differentiation in their categories and motivation to impact brand consideration.

Component Positioning is a highly interactive process that leverages your consumers’ beliefs to strategically create a concise yet powerful brand positioning. Component Positioning deconstructs the traditional positioning statement into its four basic components in order to identify the specific language that will generate engagement and action. This process is ideal
for new products or refreshing existing brands. Component Positioning has been used very successfully on six continents. The process can also be applied to short or long-form message development.