Crowded market

Congrats on Your Bouncing Baby Brand

Johnson & Johnson® is one of Brado’s longest partnerships. From new drug and vaccine launches to insight work for icons like Band-Aid® and Listerine®, we’ve worn many hats with J&J. So, when their new product development team came to us with a need “to fill a white space,” we said, “Sure, we’ve got this…no problem.”

  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Vivvi & BloomTM
Brado’s Role
  • Qualitative Research
  • Quantitative Research
  • Positioning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Journey Mapping
  • Creative Strategy
  • Naming and Brand Design
  • Product Launch

Let the Sprinting Begin

J&J said, “What’s missing in our portfolio of baby and children’s bath products is something very natural – in every sense of the word. We want to appeal to parents who want natural solutions that are good for their kids and good for the earth. We want it to be a luxury brand that’s special.

“We also need to develop the brand purpose, promise, market position, personality, and name. Oh, and we have 18 months.” J&J’s new product timeline from inception to market is normally four to five years.

We paused, only for a moment. Took a breath. And got to work.

Focus on the Good. Not the Famous.

J&J picked up that competitive brands were using celebrity moms as spokespeople. They asked, “Do we need a celebrity to make the brand feel more ‘real’?” Given that time was such a dominant factor, and we still needed to answer the how, where, who, and why this brand should exist, we recommended a different approach. We enlisted an initial roster of 200 moms and dads to help us as brand barometers.

J&J gave Brado full control over managing the research budget. Instead of a one-and-done research approach, we took an innovative path. By only answering the questions the brand needed to move forward, we saved weeks of time. We spoke with 1,700 parents via 11 immersive consumer engagements. We never lost a minute recruiting or over-complicating the research.


Perpetuate the Positive

Using a variety of proprietary methodologies, we landed squarely in the white space opportunity, uncovering the tension for parents that only our new brand could solve for. Together with J&J, we created a brand that is good for your child and the world. The brand’s social and ethical purpose towered over benefits like convenience, cost, or clever taglines – yet still felt credible as a premium brand.

“Perpetuate the Positive”

“Perpetuate the Positive” became our rallying cry. With this parentally approved mindset and the launch clock winding down, Brado’s design team flew through iteration after iteration of package designs, color palette explorations, and names…lots and lots of names.

Bubbling to the top came Vivvi & Bloom. A brand of bath products that, true to its promise, cared for babies as much as it cared for the planet – right down to the sustainably sourced packaging and printing. Our design team navigated around obstacles, taking Vivvi & Bloom all the way to the shelf, which is exactly where you’ll find this launched-in-18-months-not-five-years J&J brand.