Consumer Portraits & Opportunity Maps

Every day, people become smarter. And more cynical. 

Customer Portrait BoomerWith so much information at their fingertips, they quickly realize brands are not all that different. UNLESS…the brand has empathy. Empathy is the great equalizer and the game changer. And to show empathy, you have to understand what really makes someone…someone.

We believe that in the quest for insight, the most important thing to do is to have an intimate conversation with your consumers. It is not enough to know what they do. Or even why they do it. You need to know WHY they believe what they believe.

We create Consumer Portraits & Opportunity Maps for our clients that bring to life their consumer and brand WHY in a way that is simple, fresh, visually engaging and inspiring. And we get there through our Values Link® process. Developed in combination with a clinical psychologist, Values Link identifies the link between your target’s values and the values they perceive to Halls Graphicbe represented by your brand.

Our Consumer Portraits are written like a magazine article. Not only will you learn who your target is and why they think and act the way they do…but you’ll learn to love them. You’ll want to meet them and please them. With this deeper understanding and respect of your target, new product ideas and compelling creative executions come much easier.

The Brädo Opportunity Map® graphically depicts where your brand lives in the mind of your consumer and identifies your key opportunities of engagement – those epiphany moments where your brand can connect with your target. Opportunity Maps can also be used to visually depict a customer or patient journey.