Customer Portrait

video slates final-It’s a can opener to the brain.


We create your Customer Portrait using our Values Link process. (Click on the link above to learn more about Values Link.) Developed in combination with a clinical psychologist, Values Link identifies the link between consumers’ values and their purchase behaviors. This will be the most open, honest and insightful conversation you will have with your customer. You’ll learn “why” people think the way they do, giving you an understanding of how to create and cement emotional bonds. Values Link is ideal for brands or categories with strong emotional connections with their consumers.

In the Values Link process, our Creative Strategists do the investigating – first gaining the trust of the consumer, then going far deeper than in traditional research. We ask surprisingly deep questions that require your consumer to explore their own motivations, emotions Customer Portrait Boomerand desires.This interview is so engaging that respondents often describe it as a “therapy session” and suggest they “should have paid us” to participate.

Our Customer Portraits are written like a magazine article (think Vanity Fair® or Esquire® interviews), and deliver a well-rounded view of your target. You will know how and why your customers make decisions. Because our Customer Portrait makes the most mundane target seem fascinating, new product ideas and compelling creative executions come much easier.

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