Brädo Innovation

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What’s driving your company’s innovation?

IMG_9288Most innovation initiatives are driven by reactions to competitors or chasing consumer trends. There is rarely an insight guiding the process, and if there is, it often gets lost or misinterpreted in the cycle. We call this “limping into innovation” and while it may randomly strike gold, typical results are less than optimal.

Brädo Innovation ensures your company will charge into innovation, led by a transformational insight that will result in innovation that actually breaks through the clutter. By applying an Inside-Out approach to innovation that prioritizes true consumer insight, infuses the consumer into the processes and uses technology to fail faster…you will find success more often, faster and cheaper, with Brädo as your partner.

Our Inside-Out approach to innovation marries internal expertise with external consumer insight. This approach can be applied to innovation in any form, be it people, product or positioning.

  • People: Identifying new target audiences for new or existing products or services.
  • Product: Identifying new products, optimizing current products or packaging.
  • Positioning: Identifying opportunities to capitalize on white space.

We have a range of Innovation and Ideation processes that are often used in conjunction with each other to meet our client’s innovation and ideation needs. The Brado Innovation Lab is our most unique innovation tool and is changing the game when it comes to front end innovation.

The Brädo Innovation Lab

The window of opportunity in innovation is often fleeting. Because of the hoops, expenses and timelines associated with new product development, you often risk being late to the game, and with no guarantee that your solution really delivers on a true consumer insight. We have solved for this by using technology to rapid prototype with consumers. Leaving ideas on paper is no longer enough. With the Brädo Innovation Lab, we can bring new product ideas to life on the spot, so that consumers can optimize with us in real time, keeping us as close as possible to the insight, while _MG_9485saving time and money in the process.

Check out The Brado Innovation Lab in this short video.