Digital Research

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We aren’t just experts in technology…we are experts in using technology to achieve Creative Insight. 


At Brädo, we are committed to using technology to make research better, by identifying, vetting and incorporating innovative and useful tools and processes.

For us, it’s not about tech for tech’s sake. It’s about ensuring we have and know how to use the best tools for the job. For example…

Discovery without disruption.

  • Talk to us when you want to understand your target’s involvement with your category or brand at a specific moment of engagement (e.g., usage, need state, shopping trip).
  • We’re expert at eliminating awkward ethnography barriers, memory dissonance and at getting closer to the moment of truth to gather the unfiltered emotions.

Hard-to-reach and intimate moments.

  • We have years of experience in categories and brands involving sensitive topics or personal behaviors that are beneficial to observe live and discuss privately.
  • Our approach allows for flexible engagement 
(time and device) plus the ability to engage larger samples 1×1 to 
alleviate the barriers and understand these moments in greater depth.

Complete consumer and shopper experiences.

  • We know how to map out your consumer or shopper journey, which often involves multiple touchpoints and mindsets.
  • Rather than engaging them at one moment in time, real-time research can follow a respondent throughout their entire experience — observing and discussing behaviors and mentalities when
 they’re in both consumer and 
shopper modes.

Expand and enhance research.

  • We understand how to get input from more members of you target audience…and to get it faster.
  • To supplement in-depth research, we use technology to reach larger numbers of respondents to provide their perspective on various questions, concepts or other stimuli.