Brado’s team of behavioral science experts collaboratively uncovered pressing questions driving hesitancy around potential COVID-19 vaccines. These questions revealed implicit fears radiating beyond the personal, into intimate social groups and the political sphere, which will impact the potential success of a vaccine.

This 45-minute exclusive roundtable focused on the research findings. In making the implicit explicit, the BAU team also revealed opportunities for brands and companies to work with—and not against—vaccine hesitancy in this new age of COVID-19.

When: Thursday, October 29th, 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. CT

About Brado’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU)

Brado’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) is our team of in house behavioral science experts dedicated to discovering the deep motivators behind consumer behavior through an interdisciplinary approach. They apply behavioral science theory and principles in every step of the research to ensure a holistic understanding of the implicit and explicit variables that impact behavior allowing you to work with them and not against them.

Catrina Salama

Catrina Salama has a master’s in clinical psychology and leads the Behavioral Analysis Unit. She has significant experience in the hospital, academic and private setting. She has pursued various roles that include research, teaching, assessment, and clinical counseling with a career focus in working with diverse populations and identity development.


SJ Creek

S.J. Creek has a PhD in Sociology, with a focus on ethnography and the ways people build identities and exhibit emotions in social groups. They taught human behavior and research methods at the university level for more than a decade before moving into the worlds of design thinking and user research. Currently, S.J. consults with teams wishing to integrate a behavioral science perspective throughout their process, with a final goal of richer insights.

Christina White

Christina White has a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience. Her research experience focuses primarily on uncovering the biological basis for social processes, including empathy and social stress. She has worked in a variety of research and educational roles including laboratory coordinator, research scientist, and professor. Due to her interdisciplinary background, she strives to understand human behavior from a holistic perspective.

Jamie Gallant

Jamie Gallant has a bachelor’s in journalism, a background in storytelling and narrative which fuels her understanding of human truth. Jamie has spent a majority of her career applying the behavioral and social sciences to market research and strategy. Her curiosity and passion for greater understanding allows her to push beyond the rational and dig deep into what matters most.

Corrie Griesedieck

Corrie Griesedeick is a brand new (and welcome) addition to the BAU. She has a bachelor's degree in psychology and is the designated project manager for the Behavioral Analysis Unit. Corrie ensures seamless integration of behavioral science methodologies into our research practices.