Global Capabilities

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Brädo has successfully executed research studies in over thirty international markets. Global projects account for almost 60% of our total business. We’ve worked on every continent except Antarctica. (No one has ever asked.)

Most of our global assignments span multiple markets – as many as nine different countries on a single project. Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with the top facilities, recruiters, moderators, ethnographers, translation services and simultaneous translators around the globe. For example, we have our own team in China – ready to help you understand a wonderfully complex market.

CIMG1903The bottom line…we can execute a study in Paris or Mumbai as seamlessly as one in Philadelphia and Dallas.

We’ve worked just about everywhere. And we like to bring our cameras. Take a look at some of our favorite photos. Enjoy!

From research design and recruiting, to implementation, execution and reporting – Brädo will manage every step in the global research process. Our capabilities include:

Project Financials

With extreme attention to budget detail, including managing currency fluctuations, 98% of our global projects have not exceeded our cost estimate.

Vendor Selection

All of our global partners have been extensively trained and are experienced in our specific approaches to ensure global consistency – regardless of cultural differences and language barriers.

Moderator Training

Our Creative Strategists moderate whenever possible. However, in markets where we do not moderate, we extensively train and support local moderators on our methodologies.

Screener and Schedule Development

We develop all screeners and schedules in collaboration with our clients and their agencies as well as our local facility partners to ensure the right people are recruited.


Document Translations

We take many steps to ensure that all translation is accurate and timely to help our clients avoid costly, time-consuming and potentially embarrassing situations.


We go to great lengths to ensure that we are recruiting articulate and creative respondents. We maximize the chances of getting the best respondents in the room.

In-Person Research Facilitation

While all project management is handled out of our St. Louis headquarters, most often a Brädo Creative Strategist will travel to each respective market to manage and facilitate the fieldwork.CIMG3893

Facility Set-Up and A/V Recording

If your teams are not able to travel to research, we can set-up online video streaming through Focus Vision® or the local facility.

Travel Guidance

We understand that travelling internationally can be challenging. We can assist with visa processing questions, provide hotel recommendations, maps and directions to the facility, and answer virtually any other travel questions you may have.