Product Alignment Workshop

Identify the most critical next steps and align on a plan to complete them.

So the decision to launch your new product has been made. You know there are many “next steps” to take, but you don’t know which are the most critical to focus on first. The Product Alignment Workshop will help your team identify and align on the question of next steps, including the “what, who, how and when” questions that can easily derail a product launch, often due to seemingly minor issues.
The Product Alignment Workshop is a half-day facilitated session with a cross-functional group of your key centers of knowledge. Using our unique approach, your team will work together to narrow the list of tasks that must be completed–down to the most critical ones–and create a plan to accomplish each.  You’ll know what tasks are most critical to focus your resources on first, because if you can’t complete those…nothing else matters. By aligning every step of the way, you build momentum as you move through the workshop towards a successful product launch.