Insight Based UX

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Brädo’s Insight-Based User Experience Research can help you create, evaluate and optimize your websites, focusing on insight-based organization, information delivery and usable design.

UX Insight Generation:

We help brand and agency teams identify and generate the user experience insight statements that can drive their website development. This is typically done through a multi-step process including the harvesting of past research and review of site analytics, a competitive review, primary surf-along interviews and/or internal workshops. Ultimately the deliverable is a range of insight territories to consider for site development as well as website personas that can be used to build empathy, develop focus and drive decision making.

Drivers of Organization and Content:

An organizing principle is the framework through which a user experiences your website. A good organizing principle will address a specific user experience insight, presenting the website structure and content in a way that feels intuitive to the visitor. In in-depth interview (IDI), dyad or triad format, we evaluate a range of insight-based organizing principles and content territories, ultimately identifying which has the maximum potential for your visitor, based on their true need. The deliverable is a digitalbrief featuring a recommended insight-based organizing principle and a corresponding content hierarchy for your interface, developed by your future visitors, for your future visitors.

UX Testing:

For today’s digital consumer, usability of an interface is a cost-of-entry, not a point of difference. Where usability research usually falls short is that it often doesn’t take the insight into consideration…why is the user visiting this site? What tension are we trying to solve for them? Conducted in lab or ethnographic settings, Brado’s UX Testing uses a combination of in-depth probing, open-ended observation and task-based testing to understand exactly where your digital interface stands up and where it falls down. Our deliverable includes a report card for your site, including optimization suggestions, and a summary of the visitors’ user experience journey, at both the functional and emotional level, that can be used to guide future efforts.

Pharmaceutical Best Practices

We have conducted dozens of studies across 25 different pharmaceutical branded and unbranded websites. Based on this experience, as well as extensive secondary research in this category, we have developed a list of best practices for the organization, functionality, branding and content of a pharmaceutical website.

When you hire Brädo for any website research, as part of our services, we offer a consultation session to review your stimuli or website against our identified best practices, in order to maximize the stimuli prior to research.

For information on our DIGITAL LAB, a premier testing facility, click here.