Collaboration Hub

The Collaboration Hub, a centerpiece of the Insight Lab’s Clark Room, is an 85″ interactive touchscreen designed for maximized qualitative research engagement and collaboration opportunities.

Maximized Qualitative Research Engagement:

  • The Hub can display any type of content, including campaign assets, virtual shelf sets, live websites, new product ideas and videos. It is ideal for introducing complex stimuli, creative eco-systems, ncluding digital, social and traditional campaigns and comparing stimuli across its large panoramic canvas.
  • Simple and fun, the Hub allows research participants to interact with stimuli – circling, crossing out, typing and dragging and dropping assets into place on a shelf or in a themed bucket.
  • The generous size of the screen means that multiple participants, researchers or clients can be operating simultaneously on the Hub. Clients enjoy a full view from the back room or from a remote location, allowing for seamless participation from anywhere in the world.
  • Consider the Hub for focus groups, interviews, consumer workshops, user experience research, shopper insight objectives or any qualitative study requiring significant consumer engagement or collaboration.

Collaboration Opportunities:

  • The Hub also doubles as a collaborative workspace, synthesis tool and video conference platform for client teams. It can be accessed in-person or from any remote locations and from any device.
  • The Hub canvas expands to up to 20 times the surface area of the screen, allowing teams to manipulate and project content or data and create high impact, interactive visual presentations.
  • The Hub lets team members to share, annotate and edit content directly on the platform, allowing for seamless and dynamic collaboration.
  • Consider the Collaboration Hub for multi-site meetings, project management and planning, storyboarding, strategy sessions, brainstorming, group exercises or any meeting or initiative where collaboration is required.