Consumer Engagement

The Insight Lab offers two rooms for qualitive consumer engagement:

  • Soulard Room  With 15-foot ceilings, 120 year-old exposed beams and views of beautiful downtown St. Louis, the modular Soulard Room can seat any respondent configuration from one to eight people.
  • Clark Room  Just down the hall, The Clark Room is ideal for smaller sessions (up to five participants) or for when clients want to conduct simultaneous interviews across two rooms.

Both Clark and Soulard Rooms feature:

  • Two high-definition cameras: one for a wide-shot and one for participant-level close-ups with FocusVision and full DVD playback capabilities.
  • A large, comfortable backroom with:
    • Fast and reliable Wi-Fi
    • Easy-to-access electric connections
    • Ergonomic leather chairs
    • Adjustable flex lighting
    • Contemporary client lounge and dining area
    • An accommodating staff to attend to your every need