Shopper Insight Processes

Brädo Creative Insight has brought urgency and insight together to help your brand maximize closure, transcend price and private label, earn retailer support and build shopper affinity.

We have four specific shopper insight processes:

Shopper-VL Retail smallValues Link® RetailVL-v1

You know the WHO, WHERE and WHEN about your shopper…but not much about the WHY. Shopper behavior can be identified in a segmentation study. But what about the values and beliefs that shape these decisions?

In order to truly understand your shopper beyond the surface level behaviors, Values Link Shopper uses a layered approach to exploration. What are her personal values as a human being? What are her perceived consumer needs and brand values as a consumer? And how do those values drive her behaviors as a shopper, even in a specific retail environment? By exploring links in the target’s beliefs and behaviors from the bottom up, we are able to understand her WHY and uncover true, deep insight that can be leveraged for shopper communications.

Emotional Mapping


Shopper emotion, especially the fluctuating state of shopper emotion, is often deprioritized and overlooked on the shopper journey. Reason may play a role in shopper decisions, but emotion, when leveraged, can transcend reason, function and even price.

In order to truly understand the consumer’s path to purchase, both functional and emotional, we use a combination of observation, tracking and projective techniques as shoppers move throughout the path to purchase. Through video blogging, photo uploads and in-depth emotional assessments, we gather the complete picture of the shopper – including what they are experiencing and how they are feeling at key moments.

Message Maximizer


In an attempt to leverage brand equity, brands may take a “matching luggage” approach to messaging (same message across the board!) that does not take into account that shoppers have a very different mindset and relationship with your brand than consumers, and are strongly influenced by the context of the retail environment.

In order to maximize the story your brand will tell on the path to purchase, we first explore your brand’s shopper objectives and generate insight-based messages with internal stakeholders. We then engage shoppers in work sessions to evaluate and optimize the proposed messages against the brand objectives, to ensure they work with the distinct shopper mindset and insight. Ultimately, we use your shoppers to help us craft the individual messages that will be most effective on the path to purchase.

P2P Voice Check®


Sometimes, after all the work has been done…a great shopper insight or message can get lost in creative execution. Other times, creative is evaluated in a beauty contest format, and great strategic ideas get lost in a focus group huff.

In order to ensure that your shopper creative is clear, motivating and on strategy, we invite consumers to evaluate and optimize your stimuli. But we make sure it’s not a beauty contest. All evaluation is done against shopper strategy and key measures, not likability or appeal. Prior to the in-depth evaluation, Brädo uses a proprietary tool—Immediate Visceral Impact (IVI) application—to assess the eye-catching ability of shopper creative to get a sense of the creative’s “stopping power.” We look for optimization opportunities, not just pros and cons.  We protect the creative while pressure testing it with the end user to maximize its power when it hits the shelf.

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