Angela Biebel

Angela Biebel   Angela Biebel has a B.A. in communication and a double minor in marketing and graphic design from Florida Gulf Coast University (yes, that’s the same university with that little 15 seed basketball team, which beat a 2 seed and 7 seed in the 2012/2013 NCAA tournament). She has lived in nine different states (11 different cities) across the country helping to foster her outgoing nature and innate curiosity about people.

Prior to Brädo, she worked in Naples, Florida as a marketing associate, event planner and graphic designer. Angela joined Brädo in 2004 and has held positions in every discipline at Brädo, including Project Management, Creative Strategy, Innovation and she is currently Group Lead of Brädo’s Digital Creative Strategy Group.

She has helped expand Brädo’s digital capabilities in brand positioning, messaging, advertising evaluation and optimization as well as website and mobile app user experience and usability analysis. During her time at Brädo, she has worked on a wide variety of global brands including Crayola, Tylenol, Dr. Scholls, NuvaRing, Chili’s, Taco Bell, Zyrtec, Purina and Budweiser.