Marty Chapo

Marty Chapo   Marty Chapo is a Visual and Creative Strategist whose background includes creative direction as well as art direction and design for web, television, print, multimedia, packaging, brand identity, sales incentive, promotional, and environmental communications.

With a background in domestic as well as international agency and corporate creative, Marty brings a breadth and depth of experience that serves Brädo and our clients well, as the go-to person for the visual components of everything we do. She applies visual stimuli to Brädo’s processes, which prompts more emotive responses. Marty also creates visual representations and explanations of verbal information, creating clarity of communication, and ultimately, helping to drive consensus. She’s also been known to commandeer a flip chart while visually interpreting respondents’ innermost feelings on any given subject.

Marty Chapo is a summa cum laude graduate of UM-St. Louis, with a BFA in Graphic Design. In her spare time, Marty enjoys singing, cooking for a crowd, art in all forms, and exploring culture, whether close to home or in faraway places.