Sabina Ramic

Sabina Ramic   Sabina graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in International Business Management and International Studies from Webster University. Over the years, Sabina has successfully planned, organized and managed hundreds of domestic and global research projects for numerous Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies. She currently heads up the Project Management department and oversees the execution of every assignment. Prior to Brädo, she worked at a research facility and developed a wealth of knowledge relative to all facility operations, from recruiting to client services.

Sabina is passionate about foreign languages. She not only speaks Croatian, German and basic Spanish, she has also worked as an interpreter and translator for a non-profit organization and currently spends some of her free time helping those in need of interpreting/translation services. When she is not fine-tuning her Spanish skills, she enjoys fitness, soccer (that is football) and travelling to experience different cultures. The rest of her free time is dedicated to her one and only nephew, whom she adores.

Sabina moved to the US from Europe 15 years ago. Despite her original plans to return to Croatia upon completion of her education, she decided to stay and start a new life. As they say it in Croatian, “Život je put iznenađenja.”