Vida Ghiasi

Vida Ghiasi  Vida has always been curious about understanding the emotional drivers that lead to different consumer attitudes, decisions and ultimately, behaviors. This curiosity and passion led her to her first insights internship gig and she hasn’t looked back since.

Prior to joining Brädo, Vida spent 14 years at the Kellogg Company working across iconic brands and world class retailers, continuously advocating for the unmet needs of consumers and shoppers. She has significant experience in front end innovation, category market structure, white space opportunity assessment, consumer and shopper segmentation and channel and retailer strategy.  She is deeply skilled at combining quantitative and qualitative findings to unlock the “why” and translate that to strategic growth opportunities for brands and retailers. 

Vida graduated Summa Cum Laude from DePaul University with a BS in Economics and Marketing and a minor in International Business. Her love for traveling and all things TV — including foreign channels and movies — has allowed her to learn multiple languages over the years including fluent Farsi, Hindi/Urdu, Spanish (can get by) and Russian (which unfortunately now resides mainly in the subconscious). 

Outside of work, Vida enjoys spending time with her husband, seeking any adventure related to heights, like ziplining and skydiving, as well as running after a very active and energetic toddler boy. Having grown up in Chicago, but married to an avid Cardinals fan, Vida and her husband are trying hard to raise a neutral baseball fan.