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Helping caregivers navigate the dementia journey.

One in nine Americans over 65 have dementia.
Almost always, a family member is their caregiver. And every one of those caregivers needs help.
Dementia stages of loss journey map

Everything we do starts with an intimate understanding of the people we want to engage.​

Through a combination of market research and search mining, we produced a map of the dementia caregiver journey, which includes emotions, tensions, moments that matter, and digital behaviors.

Every iteration of the caregiver experience is captured to drive configuration of our platform.

To create empathy and respect for the target, we also wrote a story from the caregiver perspective.

The Book of Loss captures the frustration, fear, and sadness that comes with caregiving and dementia, keeping Brado and our clients grounded as we design support for this audience.   

If you want to understand the dementia caregiver experience, watch this video.

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watercolor portrait of a woman with green eyes and dark hair
The Book of Loss
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Our insight was then leveraged to configure an empathic, 24/7 resource for dementia caregivers that provides information, support, and direct guidance to good help.

The platform is named Catherine, after Catherine McAuley, the founder of the Sisters of Mercy. The sisters first brought good health help to the streets of Dublin, Ireland, and later throughout Europe and North America.

Our goal with BSMH is to bring Catherine McAuley’s vision and proactive outreach to our modern era.

If you want to talk Conversational Engagement, contact:

Andy Parham

Andy Parham

Chief Executive Officer

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