Brädo Shopper Insight

Shopper-VL Retail smallAn incremental sale can die in a heartbeat.

Shoppers make split-second decisions. The instant they spot a display they decide whether to approach it…or ignore it. That decision can happen in as little as one-third of a second. That’s less
than a heartbeat.

Unfortunately, shopper marketers seldom have the insight they need to seize opportunities that vanish in an instant. Often they are forced to rely on translated brand communications research. But we know the insight used to create a 30-second TV spot isn’t likely to overcome a split-second hurdle.

When you must connect in a heartbeat, only true shopper insight will do.

We’ve developed four shopper-specific research processes that help you connect with shoppers instantly…throughout the path to purchase…both in store and online.


VL RetailValues Link® Retail

Reveal the deeply held values that connect your brand, the retailer and the shopper…along with the underlying drivers of trips, transactions and loyalty.

All too often, shopper marketers understand who their target is and how they behave…but not WHY. We can’t change their behavior tomorrow unless we know why they behave the way they do today.

Also, consumer teams frequently struggle with who exactly to target…torn between the brand’s and the retailer’s priority shoppers. And even when they do reconcile the target, they have little understanding of how to connect with the shopper on an emotional level.

Values Link® Retail is a qualitative process that identifies the “sweet spot” of emotional appeal. The place where your shopper’s values align with your retailer’s values and the brand’s values. The place where shopper affinity and loyalty thrives.

The Values Link® Retail deliverable is an in-depth profile of your high-value shoppers. This inspirational creative profile can be used to guide communication strategies and retail activations that will help cement powerful bonds with your high-priority shoppers. It will also demonstrate to your retail consumer that you have a deep understanding of their core shoppers and the importance of your brand in their lives.


Shopper-Emotional MappingEmotional Mapping

Identify the fluctuating emotional states shoppers experience along their journey…and how your brand can maximize engagement through empathy.

The dramatically fluctuating state of shopper emotions along the path to purchase is oftentimes ignored, downplayed or not recognized at all. We believe that understanding and speaking to these fluctuating emotions is the key to maximizing your brand voice and moving people swiftly through the path to purchase, directly to a closed sale.

Emotional Mapping is a qualitative process that allows you to track and identify your shopper’s changing state of mind along the path to purchase. Unlike other shopper research processes, Emotional Mapping not only identifies the various functional touchpoints and barriers, but also the deep, underlying emotions at each step.

The Emotional Mapping deliverable is a metaphorical map that details the shopper’s evolving state of mind at each point along their path to purchase. In turn, the map also pin-points pivotal, emotion-based, behavior-changing opportunities along the shopper journey and suggests strategies for the brand to seize them.


Shopper-TouchpointTouchpoint Maximizer

Use your shoppers to help craft the ideal story your brand will tell on the path to purchase…to optimally attract, inform and inspire them at each opportunity.

All too often brands feel the need to take a “matching luggage” approach to shopper communications – pushing the same message at each touchpoint, regardless of the very different needs and emotions of the shopper at each.

Touchpoint Maximizer is an interactive and iterative process that uses your shoppers to develop a targeted, touchpoint-specific, insight-based messaging strategy. The process ensures that your brand is making the most of every opportunity it has with its shoppers—delivering an impactful, thoughtful and motivating message that speaks directly to their need and emotion in that moment.

The Touchpoint Maximizer deliverable includes a menu of optimized and prioritized messages that are not only validated by shoppers, but created by shoppers for maximum relevance and appeal. This messaging menu can be used to guide creative development across all channels and creative tactics, whether in store or online.


Shopper-P2P Voice CheckP2P Voice Check®

Evaluate shopper creative against shopper strategy…ensuring the impact and clarity of each execution encountered along the path to purchase.

When shoppers are making decisions in a heartbeat, there’s no opportunity for second chances. Your end-cap display, banner ad, FSI, PDQ tray—everything—must resonate powerfully and connect instantly.

P2P Voice Check® ensures that your shopper creative is clear, relevant and motivates brand consideration and purchase.

Within the process, the creative materials are evaluated against both your brand’s and your retail consumer’s objectives – giving you ample opportunities to optimize a creative program that will satisfy all parties. Creative can be evaluated at any stage of development (from concept board to final art) and in any format (from white paper concepts to virtual shelves).