Values Link®

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Know the link between your customers’ values and your brand’s values. 

MPJ -Values Link-profileDeveloped in combination with a clinical psychologist, Values Link® identifies the link between consumers’ values and their purchase behaviors. This will be the most open, honest and insightful conversation you will have with your customer. You’ll learn “why” people think the way they do, giving you an understanding of how to create and cement emotional bonds. Values Link® is ideal for brands or categories with strong emotional connections with their consumers. This interview is so engaging that respondents often describe it as a “therapy session” and suggest they “should have paid us” to participate.

Zach Foster-Values LinkValues Link® is not a typical in-depth interview. A 90-minute IDI, the entire first half of the interview is spent talking about nothing but the respondent. Questions are designed to force strong introspection; to let you (and your target) understand what really is important in their life and what emotional factors drive their behaviors. The second half of the interview, we explore your brand and category with the respondent. At this point, the respondent is reacting from a state that is equally, if not more, emotional than rational. It’s much easier to communicate to a brand’s non-users once you have an intimate knowledge and profile of your existing, loyal customer. We want to know in great detail how to engage your MPJ-greeting respondentcustomer. What do they like? What are their dreams? We want to know their “philosophy” on both their purchase decisions and life in general.

For the Values Link® process, we often utilize both our intimate conversation and a standardized personality test (Cattell’s 16PF) to get a well-rounded view of each respondent. The output of this process is a creative, in-depth look at your target, explaining how and why your prospects make decisions and absorb information. We make reading about your target interesting – you’ll want to meet them, to like them, to engage with them. Brädo has used Values Link® on six continents for brands like Budweiser, AXE, Gardasil HPV Vaccine, Listerine and Halls.

Values Link® is only one of our Creative Insight Tools. See what Brädo people have to say about all our tools in this short video.