The Digital Lab™

In 2012, Brädo built one of the world’s premier digital testing facilities: The Digital Lab™. The Digital Lab offers cutting edge technology for evaluating and optimizing digital assets including websites, mobile apps, online advertising, social media, messaging, e-mail – across multiple devices including laptops, mobile phones or tablets.

The Digital Lab features a proprietary interview table with three touch sensitive monitors, each connected to a wireless keyboard and mouse. Your customers sit at each monitor station. The moderator is across the table where there are three monitors replicating the activity of each respondent. While engaging respondents, the moderator can observe real-time physical responses to questions. With the technology in The Digital Lab, you no longer have to use paper or projected stimuli. This is real life. You see exactly how your target uses your site or app.

During the interview, clients observe from the comfort of a state-of-the-art viewing room.  The Digital Lab Viewing Room features six, 46” monitors (three sets of two). One monitor in the set displays the respondent’s in-lab computer screen – showing how they interact with the digital stimuli (their mouse movement, keyboard usage, navigation). The other monitor displays a close-up of the same respondent’s facial and verbal reactions.

The Digital Lab captures a split-screen recording and your session can be streamed to any location in the world.

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