Define to Prioritize

Define your market, target and position so you can prioritize efforts and dollars.


Achieving team alignment on who to prioritize and how/when to engage is critical to a brand’s success. By capturing the authentic consumer voice and applying proprietary advanced analytics, Brädo’s Segmentation process allows you to identify and understand your customer on a deeply personal level. You get a level of insight that is powerful enough to influence current choices and anticipate future behaviors.

Brand Relationship

In today’s dynamic market, brand equity alone is a misguided measure of the value of your brand. Through our proprietary Values Link® interviews and Equity Dial, Brädo’s Brand Relationship process provides a clear picture of the core levers your brand should track and tap for sustained brand relationships.

Decision States

Finding an unmet need or consumer want in today’s well-developed categories feels like a search for the Holy Grail – alluring but elusive. Through in-the-moment digital diaries, search mining and application of advanced analytics, Brädo’s Decision States process reveals critical touchpoints along with market and innovation opportunities for your brand.

Brand Positioning

With so many stakeholders to please, brand positioning efforts often lose focus, and even the best positioning concepts can end up a “kitchen sink” set of claims and benefits, saying everything yet standing for nothing. By focusing on identification of a transformational insight and allowing consumers to drive the creation of your brand’s story through Component Positioning, Brädo’s Brand Positioning process ensures you will achieve compelling positioning to propel your brand.