Evaluate to Optimize

Evaluate your brand assets so you can optimize them for maximized market success.


All too often, a brands’ claims, functional benefits or even emotional benefits are indistinguishable to smart, cynical consumers. In a world of perceived parity, consumers don’t only need a reason to believe, they need a better reason to listen. With Brädo’s Messaging process, you can develop insight-driven, channel specific message platforms that have the power to breakthrough, establish meaning and ensure recall of the communication of your brand’s benefits and claims.


Communications evaluations are notoriously formulaic and stifling beauty contests that result in bland creative or work that is off strategy. Designed by former advertising agency creatives, Brädo’s Voice Check® process first evaluates and optimizes communications without compromising creativity. Then, the creative is validated and further optimized using an AI-powered online research platform. The result is creative that is not only strategically sound, but bold and consistent across channels.

User Experience

In digital development, functional tactics, trendy design and campaign integration are all too often prioritized over the visitor’s values, needs and mindset. But, regardless how great your interface looks, if it doesn’t align with a consumer Insight – it has the potential to fail. Through a combination of observation, in-depth probing, task-based testing and search mining, Brädo’s UX process reveals your visitor’s UX journey along with tactical and strategic opportunities to maximize conversion.


New product development has many masters to serve – budgets, timelines and, most importantly, consumer insight. Combining our unique suite of innovation tools, including new product development Sprints, the Innovation Lab and our in-home/central location product testing logistics expertise, Brädo can assist in any stage of new product development from ideation and prototyping, to optimization and diagnostic performance, ensuring your new product is driven by insight and is maximized for market success.


Packaging is a consistent consumer touchpoint and an often-overlooked potential differentiator in crowded categories. With the Brädo Innovation Lab and advanced quantitative evaluation scorecards, Brädo can assist in any stage of package development from ideation and prototyping, to measuring appeal, equity and evaluation of handling, ensuring your brand’s package is maximized in market.