Explore to Connect

Explore your customer’s values, experiences, perceptions and behaviors so that you can connect with them.

Attitudes and Usage Expedition

With pressure to execute and innovate quickly, it is easy to overlook the complexities of category dynamics that impact strategy and marketing plans. With a Brädo’s Attitudes and Usage Expedition, you can assess the market, explore hypotheses, unlock barriers and achieve a deep understanding of consumer attitudes, motivations, behaviors and purchase habits. Obtain the knowledge you need to keep your brand proposition relevant within the competitive landscape.

Consumer Journey

With the tsunami of change rolling through our world, knowing what your customer thinks is not enough. You have to understand the WHY along with how, when and where to engage. Applying principles of clinical psychology and behavior economics along with search mining, natural language processing and advanced analytics, Brädo’s Customer Journey process provides an intimate understanding of your customer and the leverageable moments that matter.

Path to Purchase

Many path to purchase research processes downplay underlying emotions throughout the purchase journey, despite evidence that these drive the majority of decisions. Through a combination of shop/surf along discovery and analytic tools, Brädo P2P illuminates the intricacies of the total shopper experience and unearths subconscious triggers, for a deep understanding of the shopper and how to move them.


Search and Social Landscape

Everybody lies. But they lie less to Google. Echo, by Brado, taps into the consumer’s unfiltered self by using natural language processes to decipher search data and online social listening to learn who is talking about your brand, where and how. We then supplement this data with primary consumer video reflections, allowing you to hear directly from your consumers on themes mined. With Echo, you’ll know what truly motivates your consumer and how to speak to their unfiltered self.