Shopper Insight

How We Think About Shopper Insight:

Too often, you’re faced with competing priorities in shopper insights that force you to make tradeoffs, leading to compromised outcomes for you, your brand and your retailer.

Shopper OR Consumer
Category OR Brand
Strategy OR Tactics

Why Settle for “Or?”

While others give you either/or solutions to Shopper Insight, Brädo gives you the power of &.

How do we do it?

The Total Shopper Experience

As strategic consultants, we leverage innovative market research tools to illuminate the total shopper experience and achieve true shopper insight, inspiring alignment within your team and creating win-win strategies and tactics for you and the retailer.

Our Definition of Shopper Insight

A deep understanding of the shopper that when leveraged has the power to increase brand consideration. Close a sale. Transcend a price barrier. Differentiate one retailer from another. Develop emotional bonds. And establish retailer loyalty.

No single shopper, retailer or category is alike. Which means every challenge you face is unique. And we want to help. Let’s talk.