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video slates final-We use consumer language to craft your positioning.


Component Positioning™ is a highly interactive process that leverages your customers’ beliefs to quickly create a concise and meaningful brand positioning. Component Positioning deconstructs the traditional positioning statement into four basic components (insight, functional benefit, emotional benefit and reason-to-believe) in order to identify the specific language that will generate engagement and action. This process is ideal for new products or refreshing existing brands. Component Positioning has been used successfully on six continents.

From surgeons to beer drinkers, Component Positioning respondents see it as their job to find the best language to sell your brand.

Brad Fuller-Comp PosThe four basic components are:

  • Insight: What is going on inside your target’s mind as he or she considers using the category and/or your product? (What key consumer belief can we leverage to start the conversation with your target?)
  • Functional/Rational Benefit: What can your brand do rationally/physically for your target?
  • Reasons-to-Believe: What facts and/or attributes exist that allow your target to believe the benefit being offered?
  • Emotional Benefit (usually explored open-ended/unaided): What positive feelings can your brand evoke to engage your consumer?

Component Positioning is a fluid process. Expect a lot of changes along the way. Our Creative Strategists work together with your brand and agency team to write the component statements. In the group, we explore anywhere from 10 – 15 statements per component area. First, your target identifies the most compelling messages within each component area; then they use those messages to build the most persuasive “story” for your brand.

Comp Pos - Visual Stimuli-AliThis process involves a lot of writing…and re-writing. Our Creative Strategists (writers, artists and planners with strategic and creative agency experience) work with your target to optimize messaging or create completely new messaging during groups. More re-writing takes place in-between groups with the brand and agency team. We provide strategic and creative thinking throughout the entire process to arrive at the most engaging and motivating language.

Component Positioning consistently delivers top-third scores in BASES Snapshot™.

Deliverables include: 1) a hierarchy of top, middle and bottom tier messages for each component area, and 2) three to four distinct, concise, consumer-driven concepts that will be ready for quantitative testing or creative development.