Cecilia Zheng

Cecilia Zheng  Cecilia (Congrong) Zheng is a research nerd, and a proud one at that. But along with being very curious, she is equally courageous. Originally from Jinan, China, at age 17, Cecilia decided to fly to the other side of the world and start her adventures in the U.S.

Landing at the University of Missouri—Columbia, Cecilia entered J-school and ultimately graduated with a Bachelors of Journalism in Strategic Communications and a minor in Business. At Mizzou, Cecilia found her passion in research. She has an insatiable appetite for uncovering insights from data as well as through interviews and conversations. A strong both-sides-of-the-brain thinker, Cecilia’s role as Manager, Creative Strategy, is as perfect a fit for her as she is for Brädo.

In her free time, Cecilia co-hosts a Mandarin podcast about feminism, aptly named “The F Word.” She also enjoys spending time with her cat, Echo, and polishing her collection of souvenir pencils from her world travels.