Courtney Dowdall

Courtney Dowdall  Courtney’s anthropological training has prepared her well for Brädo. As a mixed methods researcher, Courtney has extensive experience using in-depth interviews, questionnaires, participant observation, social listening, and other data collection tools to uncover the stories behind the numbers. She loves talking with people from all walks of life and Courtney’s ethnographic skills have allowed her to understand experience, value, desire, and tension across a diverse range of cultures, including professional association members, public media viewers, academic departments, and commodity producers for organic and fair-trade markets.

Courtney obtained her PhD in Comparative Sociology from Florida International University, with an emphasis in anthropology and research methods. A St. Louis native, Courtney has enjoyed living and working in a range of locales – Kirksville, Missouri; Taichung, Taiwan; Miami, Florida; Quetzaltenango, Guatemala and Arlington, Virginia – before happily settling in her hometown. She loves her cats, her 120-year-old house, long drives, and craft beer.