Ifechi Akaniru

Ifechi “Ify” Akaniru  After two internships, seven scholarships, and earning the “25 Under 25” award for excellence at the University of South Florida, Ifechi (“Ify” for short) graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Finance and a minor in Psychology.

Ify was introduced to Brädo while she was interning at a marketing research conference after graduation. Brädo seemed to her to be a place where she could exercise her strategic mind while also being surrounded by a wonderful culture. Not long after the conference, she was invited to join the Brädo team as a full-time intern, and within two months, she was named an Associate Manager of Creative Strategy. During her time at Brädo, Ify has been a part of numerous and varied projects which include beauty products (shopper-specific), pet food, patient adherence and skincare. She loves learning what moves consumers to act, and has a particular passion for exploratory projects that help companies move brands forward in the minds of their consumers.

Outside of work you will likely find Ify experimenting with new Italian recipes, playing board games, or searching online for interesting shows to attend at the Fabulous Fox Theatre.