John Peel

John Peel  John came to Brädo having spent the better part of his career working on the agency side of advertising as a digital/development lead. Having graduated from Webster University with a B.S. in Video and Film Production, this makes perfect sense. (Editor’s note: to be fair, he minored in Computer Science.)  

Today, John heads up the company’s technology division, leveraging the experiences and expertise that began with him coding on an Atari 800 home computer in his parents’ living room. Now working on a much larger scale and with much better tools, he has proven to be a valuable asset in building and maintaining systems and processes to meet the needs of Brädo’s rapid growth.

When not working, John can be found playing video games, playing ping pong or, uh, bowling bowling balls — sometimes with his 4 kids, 2 dogs and 1 wife. 

He would love to own a repair shop.