Marc Chechik

Marc Chechik  Before joining Brädo, Marc spent 30+ years starting, building, guiding, nurturing, saving and celebrating brands. He lent his creative skills to some of the most iconic names in American marketing, including: Jack Daniel’s whiskey, DeKalb seed, Dewar’s scotch, Charter (now Spectrum), M&M Mars, Grey Goose vodka, Sears, AT&T and Express Scripts.

Marc’s also helped launch small, passionate brands – from organic cleaning products and backpacks to independent radio stations and record labels; the latter two inspired by his lifelong passion for music. After hearing “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” on the radio, he taught himself guitar, followed by bass, then piano. Many bands and shows later, Marc’s produced and recorded over a dozen records and scored several commercials and independent films.

A creative strategy adjunct professor, Marc has spent over a decade teaching hundreds of young, impressionable students that you have to know the people you’re trying to reach before you can find the path to reach them.

When he’s not strumming, you’ll find Marc hanging out happily on the Hill with his wife, Kat, their golf-cart-riding Golden Doodle, Sugar, and Edie, their pet bird who thinks she’s a falcon. Born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, Marc keeps the Packers, Badger hockey and cheese curds close to his heart.