Ryan Blome

Ryan Blome  Joining our Project Management Team in 2015, Ryan came to Brädo with solid experience in everything from screener development, to training, to rapid-fire study recruitment. His interest in data and problem solving first led him to the marketing research field, and his career focus led him to Brädo. Having excellent comprehensive project management experience made Ryan a highly valued member of the team from the start.

Ryan has a degree in Business Administration from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, with an emphasis in marketing and finance. In addition to having the perfect background for a successful career in marketing research, Ryan also spent time as a cook for a few years. He’s notorious amongst family and friends for his pasta “a-la-carte” dinners, as well as his unique breakfast sandwich creations.

In addition to cooking, Ryan continues to build his database of local restaurants visited. (He balances all of this with staying active, of course!) Outside of his foodie pursuits, you’ll catch Ryan exploring new music or keeping up with current events.